Oral Surgery Near Marina West Oxnard, CA

Oral surgery is a broad term that encompasses procedures done for different purposes. At Dentistry by Seabridge in Oxnard, California, we have the proper equipment to perform different types of oral surgery. Our dentists are also highly trained and have plenty of experience.

The most common oral surgeries performed are for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, the installation of implants, biopsies, and jaw surgery. Sleep apnea surgeries and reconstructive surgeries are also done to help people go back to living their regular lives. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions regarding oral surgery.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Implants

Wisdom teeth often develop late and can cause several problems. They could cause overcrowding of the remaining teeth or even lead to cavities in the second molars. Fortunately, many wisdom teeth can be removed by simple extraction. The bad news is that some are deeply impacted and will require surgery.

Dental implants are a restorative procedure used to replace missing teeth. A screw has to be firmly placed into the jawbone so that it can act as a solid base. The artificial tooth is then placed on this base. Most implants last a lifetime, and many of our patients don’t need to worry about replacing them.

Biopsies are tissue samples taken if a suspicious mass is found in a person’s mouth. A suspicious mass isn’t always cancer. A biopsy will help us confirm or deny the diagnosis.

Sleep Apnea and Reconstructive Surgeries

In sleep apnea, patients stop breathing for significant periods while they’re asleep. One of the causes of sleep apnea is excess tissue in the back of the throat. Surgery can be done to remove that excess tissue so people can breathe normally in their sleep. Other possible treatments are sleep apnea dental appliances and CPAP.

Reconstructive surgeries are usually done after trauma to the face or extensive surgery done to treat cancer. It can involve replacing or repairing teeth, jawbones, gum tissue, and the temporomandibular joint.

Rest assured that we’ll take good care of you if any of these are required. Adequate anesthesia will be used to guarantee your comfort.