Fluoride Treatment in Oxnard CA

Fluoride is a natural-occurring mineral that is released from rocks. Traces are found in both water, foods, and fluoride-fortified sources.

Every day your tooth enamel loses and receives strengthening minerals. These daily processes are called demineralization and re-mineralization. This is the result of mouth acids (formed by a combination of sugars and bacteria) attacking the protective outer layer. Therefore, when calcium, phosphate, and fluoride are deposited through food and water, acid breaks down these minerals. When there is too much mineral loss, the enamel weakens, and this leads to decay and cavities.

Cavity Protection with Fluoride

Fluoride has been proven effective at strengthening enamel. It can make teeth less susceptible to acid attacks from sugars, plaque, and bacteria. For that reason, fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay and fight cavities. Even more, fluoride can re-mineralize a damaged tooth and reverse signs of early decay.

In addition to fluoride-enriched foods and water, it can also be applied topically. Many kinds of toothpaste and mouth rinses containing fluoride are available over-the-counter. Professional fluoride treatments can be applied by your dentist in Oxnard, CA.

Fluoride Treatment Near You

During a routine exam at Dentistry by Seabridge, your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment. This procedure involves the application of topical fluoride directly to each tooth. You will receive either a foam, varnish, or gel. Professional fluoride treatments contain a much higher concentration of the mineral than OTC products. If you have cavity-prone teeth, your Oxnard, CA dentist may also prescribe fluoride supplements in the form of tablets or liquid.

Regular fluoride treatments are especially important for kids up until age 16. During these formative years, both the primary and permanent teeth are present. For some adults, professional fluoride can be helpful if you are prone to dry mouth, gum disease, or have a history of cavities.

The Safe Use of Fluoride

When used correctly, there are minimal risks associated with fluoride use. However, exposure to high doses, particularly in children, can be toxic. Additionally, too much fluoride on young teeth can also cause staining and discoloration. So, always use fluoride products as directed or prescribed. For more information on the proper use of fluoride and professional fluoride treatments, call Dentistry by Seabridge today.