Fastbraces in Oxnard CA

If you’re currently living with misaligned teeth, we understand that this can be a serious source of your lack of confidence and inconvenience that comes with having teeth that are overcrowded or have too many spaces in them. There are many different methods on the market today that your orthodontist can present to you in order to straighten out your smile and give you the ideal teeth that you’ve always dreamed of. Of course each option has their pros and cons, however today, we’re going to discuss Fastbraces® which, as their name would suggest, is the quickest way to straighten your teeth!

How Do Fastbraces® Work?

So many people that have sought out orthodontic treatment in the past have been jolted back into reality that braces are not a fast process. However thanks to this revolutionary and patented system, Fastbraces® are able to both gently and quickly reposition your teeth into the ideal place.

The Benefits of Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® are exactly what they are marketed to be, nothing less. Fastbraces® work to correct most misalignment and bite problems in order to give you the gorgeous and healthy smile that you deserve. Let’s take a look at other benefits that Fastbraces® can add to your life:

  • Fastbraces® can cause less pain than traditional counterparts
  • Fastbraces® cost less
  • Most patients are already appropriate candidates for Fastbraces®
  • Clear Fastbraces® are also available
  • Fastbraces® don’t come with any more risks than regular braces
  • Being that Fastbraces® work so diligently and quickly, you don’t have to worry about making long-term adjustments to the way you clean your teeth

Fastbraces® VS. Traditional Braces

Traditionally, braces work in two different stages. The first stage involves the movement of the crowns of your teeth, the part above the gum line. The second stage includes the movement of the tooth roots which comes quickly after. In order to get the best results from traditional braces, and is not uncommon to wait for up to two years.

On the other hand, Fastbraces® work in one stage. This patented system uses an innovative bracket system that moves crowns and roots at the same exact time making the overall process work quicker. Most candidates are able to achieve results that they love in about 120 days.

To find out more about Fastbraces® and to get any questions answered and concerns addressed, be sure to give us at Dentistry by Seabridge in Oxnard a call today. The dental professionals at Dentistry by Seabridge work with you in order to find out which orthodontic treatments can serve you the best depending on your particular set of circumstances here in Oxnard. Don’t hesitate to give our Oxnard office a call, the professionals at Dentistry by Seabridge would love to see you smiling bigger and brighter as soon as possible!