Tooth Extractions in Oxnard CA

While dentistry is founded on the tenets of caring for teeth and ensuring their longevity, there are instances when extraction is inevitable. A dental extraction is the non-surgical and sometimes surgical removal of a tooth from its tooth socket. Extractions may be performed on milk teeth or permanent teeth.

Most people wrongly associate extractions with extreme pain, a misconception that often results in dental anxiety. Perhaps it’s because of the many falsehoods peddled about dentists’ offices being dungeons of pain. Here at Dentistry by Seabridge, extractions are a painless affair. Thanks to advancements in dental technology and a compassionate dental team that prioritizes patients’ well-being, you’ll leave our offices with a different view of teeth extractions.

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When Is an Extraction Necessary?

We will do everything that is in our power to save your tooth. However, there are times when a tooth must be extracted. Extractions are necessary for:

  • Severely damaged teeth, where there is no chance for restoration using dental crowns or other interventions.
  • Overcrowded teeth may require removal before orthodontic treatment.
  • Loose teeth. When teeth have been damaged by periodontal disease, a dentist may need to pull them out as part of the periodontal treatment.
  • In cases of compromised immunity, e.g., for patients undergoing chemotherapy, a tooth that is at risk of infection may be pulled out as a preventive measure.

What to Expect

We perform extractions under anesthesia to guarantee patient comfort. If you’re particularly anxious about your extraction in Oxnard, you have the option of sedation dentistry. Sedation calms and relaxes patients during treatment procedures.

After anesthesia and sedation, our dentist in Oxnard, CA uses dental tools to loosen and pull the tooth out of the tooth socket. Afterward, the dentist places a gauze pad in the tooth socket to stop the bleeding.

You must follow the dentist’s after-care instructions after an extraction. Failure to care for your teeth and extraction site after extraction can lead to improper healing and infections.

Are you struggling with a tooth that needs to come out? Are you searching for a dental practice that promises painless extraction near you, in an environment where you feel safe and relaxed? Welcome to Dentistry by Seabridge for a life-changing dental experience.