Dental Implant near Marina West Oxnard, CA

Fed up of adjusting your dentures and having them slip and slide? Dental implants offer lifelong durability, and you don’t have to be nervous about them falling out of your mouth.

The dentists at Dentistry by Seabridge suggest that implants offer more value for your hard-earned money even though they may require a higher initial investment. Temporary restorations like crowns, partials, dentures, and bridges usually need to be replaced every few years.

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Why Your Dentist Recommends Dental Implants

Lack of natural tooth roots can come in the way of placing bridges or crowns.

Patients can get dental implants for one or two teeth as well as for all their teeth. Since the implants (which are titanium posts or screws) are fused with the bone, they don’t make noise, come loose or slip when you chew or speak. Most importantly, implants cannot decay like natural teeth, so they offer better support for dental bridgework.

Since implants are surgically embedded in the jawbone, the bone needs to heal before you can place crowns.

When You Should Get Dental Implants

Our dentist can determine if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. Implants may be the ideal solution for you if:

  • Your jawbone has reached the full growth stage
  • You don’t suffer from certain health conditions that impact bone healing
  • You find dentures unsuitable or uncomfortable to wear
  • You are looking for permanent replacements for missing teeth
  • You have adequate bone to support implants (or alternatively, you can get a bone graft to add bone mass to your jaw)

Our team at Dentistry by Seabridge will help you determine if you can get implants.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Dental implant procedure can take several months to finish depending on the rate of healing. As with any surgical process, you can expect some swelling, soreness, and minor bleeding at the site. However, these can be treated with painkillers, which your dentist will prescribe for you.

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