Types and Benefits of Invisalign

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Types and Benefits of Invisalign

May 01, 2020

Invisalign is made out of plastic and formed as a removable customized tray so as to fit the patient’s mouth. It is appealing since it is hardly noticeable. This is because the aligners’ material is transparent. With the help of technology, Smart Track and Smart Force can predict the teeth’ movement during treatment and therefore makes a better fitting and flexible, removable tray.

After a period of time of using Invisalign, the teeth start to shift in their right positions. The aligners are frequently changed depending on the orthodontist treatment plan and the work required to achieve the desired treatment. Invisalignusually corrects misaligned or crooked teeth. Book an appointment with an orthodontist near you in Oxnard, CA to get Invisalign aligners today.

Types of Invisalign

  • 1. Invisalign Lite

It is based on the original product, but it is precisely for minor orthodontic complication corrections such as crowding and spacing. This is not highly recommended since the number of aligners is limited. The treatment takes a shorter time and is affordable.

  • 2. Invisalign Teen

This treatment is specially designed for teenagers. It is based on original Invisalign aligners but with a few teenager friendly features added to it. The extra features are designed to perfectly fit in your teenager’s life and also ease your mind. If your aligners get damaged or lost, you can get them replaced at no cost.This treatment also includes tooth eruption tabs. The aligners increase flexibility due to the unlimited numbers provided.

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  • 3. Invisalign Full

It is used in the treatment of complex cases, and in this case, several aligners are provided. This type of aligner has the most considerable flexibility when it comes to treatment and can use most design features.

  • 4. Invisalign 17

In cases with minor abnormalities for spacing issues or overcrowding, this type of aligner can be used. It may also be used to correct minor relapse cases. The treatment takes a short period of time. Seven or more aligners maybe needed to complete the treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • 1. It reduces the chances of contracting a Gum Disease – Teeth that are not correctly spaced or are overcrowded are likely to have gum disease in the future. With the help of Invisalign, the teeth fit perfectly in its position, and therefore the gum fits nicely and firmly around the teeth hence creating a strong barrier against infections.
  • 2. It corrects any bites issues – Invisalign corrects everything, including underbitesand overbites. Overbites are also referred to as an overjet. On most occasions, when the upper teeth tend to protrude more than the bottom teeth, it is referred to as an overbite and is a result of genetics, poor oral health, or underdeveloped bones. An underbite occurs when the teeth at the bottom move beyond the upper teeth and istypically caused by lower jaw overgrowth or upper jaw overgrowth. If underbites or overbites are not corrected, it can lead to a painful jaw, joint issues, or even tooth disfunction. Invisalign prevents all these problems.
  • 3. It gets rid of open bites – An oddly-formed jaw and excessive thumb sucking are known to cause an open bite. Open bite is known to cause speech impairment or pain while chewing. Invisalign eliminates any open bites.
  • 4. Corrects crossbite – Crossbite occurrence is due to the misalignment of the upper and lower jaws. Teeth straightening treatment will correct the crossbite.
  • 5. Boosts self-confidence – Patients with crooked or overcrowded teeth suffer from low self-esteem. Invisalign treatment corrects oral health complications giving you a beautiful smile.
  • 6. It is fast and pain-free – To straighten teeth, clear braces near you requires almost the same time as Invisalign aligners. Invisalign is more comfortable since it is a non-invasive procedure.
  • 7. Convenient – It does not require ugly wires or brackets and has low maintenance.
  • 8. The aligners are removable – You can take off the aligners to brush your teeth or floss, this improves your oral hygiene.
  • 9. You can eat whatever you please – Many orthodontic options concerning teeth straightening discourage consumption of food that might be sticky, chewy, or hard, but with Invisalign, you just remove the trays and eat what you want.

Dentistry by Sea Bridge is located at Oxnard, CA. Services offered include Invisalign treatment, professional teeth whitening, dental implants, and many more. At our dental offices in Oxnard, CA, dentists are well trained. Our principal objective is to provide quality health care to patients. Book an appointment with us today and enjoy the services offered.

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