Why Do People Get Their Teeth Pulled?

Why Do People Get Their Teeth Pulled?

Aug 01, 2022

When your tooth gets damaged badly beyond the point of repair, the dentist suggests tooth pulling. In this procedure, the expert eliminates the affected tooth from its dental socket or alveolus. Getting rid of the problematic tooth provides you with optimal oral health.

Reasons People Get their Teeth Pulled These Days

If you have the following situations, it’s best to get a tooth extraction:

1. Periodontal Disease

Bacteria in the plaque cause periodontal disease (infection of gums and other structures around the teeth). It makes natural teeth use and creates the requirement for tooth pulling.

2. Overcrowding

Another reason for extraction may be a crowded mouth. For example, if the dentist finds that your teeth fail to erupt through the gums, the dentist pulls your teeth.

3. Infection

When the tooth damage or decay spreads to the pulp, the mouth bacteria move to the pulp. It leads to the risk of an infected tooth. However, if the infection in your wisdom tooth is so bad that it is not curable with root canal therapy or antibiotics, it raises the need for wisdom tooth extractions in Oxnard, CA.

4. Severe Tooth Damage

Irreparable damage to the tooth can occur from in-depth decay or accident. The dentist may advise dental crowns, bridges, veneers, or bonding to save the affected teeth. It may be another reason to pull the tooth.

5. Impacted Tooth

When the gums fail to erupt completely, or the tooth gets blocked from coming out, it signifies tooth impaction. In that case, the dentist recommends wisdom tooth extractions treatment to reduce the risk of overcrowding and infection.

Alternatives to Getting Your Teeth Pulled

Tooth replacement after pulling is essential. You can choose the following options:

1. Dental Implant

The tooth implant is a fake tooth root that the dentist puts into the jaw. It helps to hold the replacement bridge or tooth. Dental implants can replace multiple teeth or a single one, depending on the needs of the person. These dental restorations can also support full or partial dentures.

Implants are the appropriate choice for those with lost teeth due to an injury or other reasons. Moreover, they feel like original teeth and are much more secure than other tooth replacement options available.

2. Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are another excellent tooth-replacement option. Wearers need to put them on during the day, but they must eliminate them while sleeping at night. They are affordable and less invasive.

Removable partial dentures help in restoring your lost smile and enhance mouth functioning. They fit nicely in the mouth and shield other teeth. The dentist in Oxnard, CA, will thoroughly provide tips for cleaning the RPD.

3. Fixed Dental Bridges

A fixed tooth bridge completely mimics real teeth. It is a lifetime choice for your lost tooth. When you take extra care when cleaning, fixed bridges can last between 10 – 20 years. A fixed bridge is bonded or cemented. Therefore, the patient cannot eliminate it when required.

How to Prepare for Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for tooth pulling at Dentistry by Sea Bridge:

1. Ask Questions

Prepare a list of queries you want to ask the dentist or oral surgeon. It will help you completely understand the tooth-pulling procedure.

2. Full Medical History

It is essential to share the following specifics before the procedure.

  • Congenital heart defect.
  • Liver disease.
  • History of bacterial endocarditis.
  • Impairment of the immune system.
  • Artificial replacement of joints.
  • Bioheart or mechanical valves.
  • List of current medicines.

3. Pain-Killing Medicines and Anesthesia

The next step is to discuss which sedation or pain-killing medicines you want to use for your treatment. If you had sedation before, tell your doctor what side effects you had experienced earlier.

Also, let your dentist know if you have any preference on the type of pain-killing medicines. It will help the dental provider create a medication plan that makes you comfortable.

4. Avoid Eating Before the Surgery

Do not consume anything for 12 hours before the surgery. Also, quit smoking for 12 hours before the surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery?

Below are the things to try to make healing faster:

  • Use an ice bag to reduce swelling and pain in the affected area.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Take rest for one day immediately after the surgery.
  • Limit your activity for a few days.
  • Take pain-killing medicines as prescribed by the dentist.
  • Avoid using the straw, spitting, or rinsing your mouth for 24 hours after tooth pulling.

Wash the mouth using a salt solution after 24 hours and follow other recommendations by your dentist.