When to Call a Dental Implant Dentist?

When to Call a Dental Implant Dentist?

Jul 07, 2022

Would you think of calling your dentist to exchange pleasantries at any time of the year? How would you react if unexpected tooth loss takes away your smile and brings you an overwhelming need to search for a dental implant dentist in the neighborhood for replacement teeth? You will undoubtedly call the dentist right away to schedule your appointment to get the implants required.

Most people have a general dislike for dentists until they develop concerning issues in their mouths threatening their oral health and appearance. Things become particularly embarrassing when you lose a natural tooth or several teeth, making you search for replacements to restore your mouth’s functionality and the aesthetics of your smile.

4 Signs You May Need a Dental Implant

Dental implants are replacement solutions for missing teeth that you might consider may never be required for you. However, tooth loss is a common problem affecting millions of Americans in the country and globally. Generally, people would never consider dental implants unless situations compelled them to have the best replacement solution for natural missing teeth. However, there are four signs that make a dental implant an ideal solution for your mouth. The four signs are:

An accident, sporting activity, or altercation has left you with a couple of missing teeth in the aesthetic zone, making it essential for you to close the gap.

You must have most of your teeth extracted by the dentist near me because of infections like gum disease.

Genetic conditions have left you without teeth in your mouth, and consequences are affecting you severely to make you want replacements for them.

You don’t expect your existing teeth to last for much time because of improper dental hygiene practices and suggestions by your dentist that your infected teeth require removal before they spread infections to your jawbone and remaining teeth.

The reasons mentioned above compel you to seek tooth replacement solutions. Your research reveals you can also have dentures and dental bridges as replacements for your missing teeth. However, most dentists recommend dental implants because they are durable and last for a lifetime with proper care.

Is It Convenient to Get Dental Implants from Any Dental Professional?

Many dentists are now performing dental implant placement by working with specialists trained in this field. However, if you desire your dental implants to last for a lifetime and do not cause any complications, you find it optimal to get dental implants in Oxnard, CA, with an experienced implantologist.

Dental implant surgery involves placing titanium posts into your jawbone to replace your missing tooth roots when replacing your missing teeth. The new teeth you receive appear and function like your natural teeth. This indicates your implants will not slip, make noise, or cause bone damage.

Dental implant surgery is pretty complicated and requires help from a dental implantologist to embed them in your jawbone.

What Does the Dental Implant Process Involve?

The dental implant process involves and includes different specialists like periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, prosthodontists, ENT specialists, et cetera.

The process for getting dental implants starts with an evaluation of your physical and oral health to determine whether you qualify for dental implants. The specialists take x-rays and CT scans of your mouth and jaw to determine whether you have sufficient jawbone to support dental implant placement. If you lack adequate bone in your jaw, the specialists recommend bone grafting or sinus lifts depending on where you need dental implants in your mouth.

The specialists also request you to commit to the procedure of getting the implants by adhering to their instructions and giving up harmful habits like smoking that interfere with your recovery.

If you accept the specialist’s instructions and are prepared to undergo additional procedures if required when getting dental implants, you can proceed with the surgery performed by the dentist in Oxnard, CA.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Uncomfortable?

All surgical procedures cause discomfort, and dental implants are not an exception. However, you will not experience any pain during the surgery and will likely return home on the day of the procedure. However, you will undoubtedly encounter some discomfort as the anesthesia begins wearing off. However, the Oxnard dentist recommends prescription or over-the-counter painkillers to help you manage the pain. The initial discomfort lasts for approximately ten days. You must wait for the implants to integrate with your body before you can get your artificial teeth mounted over them. Some dentists provide immediate replacements over the implant for aesthetic purposes. However, the interim replacements are temporary and need replacements when getting a permanent dental crown over the implant.

Dentistry by Sea Bridge provides dental implants as stable and durable replacements for missing teeth. If you need to overcome the loss of teeth, you can contact this practice today to receive dental implants and improve your mouth’s functionality.