What to Eat After the Dental Crown Procedure?

What to Eat After the Dental Crown Procedure?

Dec 01, 2021

Some patients might notice problems or discomfort around the area where the temporary crown is placed. That is why it is recommended that patients stick to a soft diet until the dental cap feels more comfortable in the mouth. This can mean avoiding chewy foods such as steak or bread.

Before and After Care Instructions

Below are some guidelines that patients must follow before and after getting dental crowns in Oxnard, CA:

Foods and Drinks You Should Eat with Dental Crowns

In the days following your crown procedure, these are the foods you should avoid because they are high in sugar.


Avoid nuts that are high in protein until you have received your permanent crown but they can be burdensome for it.

Sticky Foods

Avoid sticky foods, like caramel and candy because the sugar content is high. They can stick to the crown and cause cavities that lead to tooth decay.

Crunchy Vegetables

Crunchy veggies can also hurt the crowned tooth. Avoid eating anything raw and hard till the permanent crown has perfectly set in the mouth.

Cold Foods

After a crown procedure, your teeth may be more sensitive. So, make sure you avoid eating cold foods. Ask a dentist in Oxnard to recommend a toothpaste for sensitive teeth if the pain is unbearable. It helps you in blocking the sensation of pain as it travels from the tooth to the nerves.


Chewing gum after a meal to freshen up your breath can damage the cap if it can get stuck to the tooth. Instead, use mouthwash or rinse your mouth out with water.


Avoid all dried fruits because they could make the tooth become loose. Although raisins (in case of unsweetened) are a healthy snack, they are too sticky for a mouth with a recently placed crown.


Popcorn can get stuck between and under your teeth. Stop munching it after having a crown in because it can cause damage to it.


Do not chew on ice after your crown procedure. Also, you may experience sensitivity because of the cold temperature of ice.

Things to Avoid After Getting a Dental Crown

1. Chewing Food While You Have Numbness in the Mouth

You may not feel any sensation until the anesthetic does not go away. This makes it easy for the person to chew foods that could cause damage to their new teeth. That is why you should avoid eating food till the numbness gets eradicated.

2. Eating Solid Foods till At Least Half an Hour

The dental cement that bonds the cap to the tooth needs enough time to set. If pressure is applied to the cap immediately after its placement, it will move into an undesirable or uncomfortable position. Also, avoid having the crown installed all over again.

3. Eating Hard, Crunchy or Sticky Foods for a Few Days After the Procedure

Eat only soft foods after the crowns procedure. Avoid carrots, nuts, caramel, raisins, celery sticks, toffee, popcorn, or any other hard or crunchy food for the first 24 hours of the procedure.

It’s because they may chip or dislodge the dental cap. For even better results, give the dental cement more time to cure by avoiding hard and sticky foods for a few days.

4. Forgetting to Take Care of Your Gums

Along with eating soft foods, take care of the gums by soaking them in warm saltwater. Mix half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water.

Apply the saltwater to the sore gums. Let the salt solution sit there for five seconds. Repeat until the glass is empty. It will help in disinfecting the sore gums while drying out the open wounds.

5. Lifting the Crown from the Restored Tooth

Until the dental cement sets completely, be careful when flossing the sides of the new tooth because it may dislodge the crown or make it lose. After flossing, instead of lifting dental floss from the tooth, gently slide it off the tooth.

6. Tolerating a Crown that Does Not Fit Right

If the crown is higher than the teeth around it, or if it causes any persistent discomfort, see the dentist immediately. A crown that does not feel right will cause risks if it is not adjusted.

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