What Is the Procedure to Permanently Whiten Yellow Teeth?

What Is the Procedure to Permanently Whiten Yellow Teeth?

Jan 01, 2022

Yellowing of teeth losing their white sparkle is natural as you age. Your tooth enamel gradually wears away over time, allowing the dentin beneath to show through. Your tooth enamel is the hardest part of your body and is the outer protective layer over your teeth. The dentin beneath is naturally brownish. However, your teeth develop a yellowish appearance when the dentin begins showing through because of worn enamel.

The foods you have and the drinks you consume besides age work against your teeth, causing discoloration over time. Your teeth become yellow due to stains on the surface and beneath. Some reasons beyond your control also cause discoloration of the teeth. Whether your teeth are discolored due to staining or other reasons, please read this article to learn how you can get rid of your yellow teeth getting teeth whitening treatments provided by Dentistry by Sea Bridge.

Yellowing of teeth is normal, but if you are affected by severe yellowing, your teeth begin looking unhealthy, making your smile appear dull. Many factors can contribute to the early yellowing of teeth. Primary among them is your diet. If you have highly acidic foods like coffee, soda, red wine, or tomatoes, the products can quickly stain your teeth. Smoking and medications also contribute to the staining making your teeth appear unhealthy and mismatched.

What Can I Eat That Much in My Teeth?

If you want to rely on your diet to whiten your yellow teeth, you must avoid having staining foods and beverages because any foods capable of staining your clothes can stain your teeth. Dark-colored foods have often pigmented that stick to the enamel to cause discoloration. Acidic foods erode the enamel, making it convenient for pigments to attach to your teeth.

You must entirely avoid pigmented foods and beverages and stick to a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and consider drinking milk or water whenever you have any pigmented foods. You must also maintain excellent dental hygiene and visit your dentist for six-monthly exams and cleanings when they polish your teeth to make them appear whiter. If your enamel has worn off, showing the dentin beneath, the best option for you is to get teeth whitening near me to brighten them.

How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

The market for teeth whitening has expanded significantly to make it confusing for you to determine how to whiten your teeth. Every second person seems to have the expertise necessary to provide advice on how you can whiten teeth. Unfortunately, most techniques are unsubstantiated and will likely not deliver the desired results unless you visit the dentist near me requesting the treatment.

Walking through the aisles of drugstores and supermarkets will also expose you to hundreds of products claiming they can whiten your teeth quickly. Before you choose any product, you help yourself by requesting your dentist for advice on whether the products are safe for use in your specific situation.

When trying to whiten your teeth, you must exercise caution to ensure you don’t damage your teeth when trying to achieve a brighter smile from teeth whitening. Over-the-counter whitening products are generic and fit into the one size fits all category. The treatments are not personalized for your unique situation, and therefore you must obtain advice from your dentist on whether you can use them or not.

Fixing yellow teeth is not a challenge if you request teeth whitening in Oxnard, CA, from the dentist near you. Dentists are professionals with comprehensive knowledge about dental anatomy and personalize every treatment they provide to patients. When you request teeth whitening from the dentist, you initially receive dental prophylaxis to eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth, also responsible for discoloration. Next, the dentist examines your teeth to determine the presence of tooth decay and gum disease, which make you ineligible for the treatment.

If you are eligible for teeth whitening, the Oxnard dentist offers cutting-edge treatments personalized to suit your needs to effectively and efficiently whiten your teeth. After teeth whitening treatments from a professional, you will have a dazzling smile between 3 to 8 shades brighter than earlier. You can also request at-home whitening trays, which the dentist provides after taking impressions of your teeth and mouth to custom create the whitening trays. In addition, the dentist offers whitening gel with instructions on how and when to use them to maintain the results you achieve from teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening treatments from dentists help to achieve a brighter smile, but the results are not permanent. If you want to maintain a brighter and whiter smile, you must give up the foods and beverages we discussed earlier and take care of your teeth as recommended by your dentist can also visit them for cleanings and exams regularly.

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