7 Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

7 Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Mar 01, 2022

People with several dental concerns think it is impossible to have beautiful smiles. That is untrue since a full-mouth restoration near you can repair and rebuild your mouth’s appearance and function. The procedures carried out depend on individual dental needs. A qualified dentist performs these procedures over a few months for the smile of your dreams.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction involves multiple dental procedures performed in a person’s mouth. They aim at an impeccable look and full function of the oral cavity. A full mouth reconstruction may include:

  1. Deep cleanings
  2. Dental bridges
  3. Dental implants
  4. Gum contouring
  5. Tooth extractions
  6. Dental crowns
  7. Orthodontics
  8. Orthographic surgery
  9. Bone grafting

Before full mouth reconstruction in Oxnard, CA, the dentist will carry out a comprehensive dental exam. They will also take records and impressions of your mouth. These are used to create a digital design of your mouth’s current appearance. They help the dentist make a personalized treatment plan based on their dental needs and goals.

The treatment takes place in stages over several months and multiple dental appointments. Your dentist will spread out the procedures based on their recovery timeline. For instance, methods such as teeth reconstruction surgery require a lengthy recovery period. The dentist will help you spread the costs throughout treatment for easy payment.

Reasons to Consider a Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure

You may need a full-mouth restoration near you if you have an accident that caused facial trauma. For instance, a car accident can leave you with broken jaws, cracked or broken teeth, and facial bones. Extensive dental work is needed to restore the patient’s smile.

A patient may consider the treatment if they have suffered from extensive tooth decay and gum disease. If the gum disease is in the advanced stage, it will have caused tooth loss. A full mouth reconstruction may include gum grafts and dental implants based on the phase of the condition.

Another reason for considering the process is if the patient has lost several teeth. First, the treatment will involve shifting the remaining teeth into their proper places. Restoration of the missing teeth takes place next. In addition, your dentist will work to restore shrunk dental bone through bone grafts. It provides a strong foundation for the implants and also improves facial appearance.

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Worth It?

If you have been wondering whether full mouth reconstruction is worth it, consider the benefits. Below are a few benefits you should expect after full mouth reconstruction in Oxnard, CA.

  1. The treatment restores the appearance of your smile by addressing cosmetic dental concerns. Every treatment is customized to improve the appearance of your teeth and function. For example, the dentist uses tooth-colored fillings or crowns. These are customized to match the rest of the teeth in shape and color.
  2. It fixes dental functional issues that affect how a person speaks or eats. People with missing or damaged teeth will have difficulties chewing food. They may be forced to give up their favorite foods for easily chewable ones. This person may also have trouble pronouncing some words due to the missing teeth.
  3. Full mouth reconstruction improves oral health. The treatment targets issues such as tooth decay and gum infections. Besides, maintaining proper oral hygiene becomes easier when the procedure corrects misalignment issues.
  4. It helps relieve headaches and migraines by addressing dental issues that cause them. These include jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and TMJ disorders.
  5. The treatment addresses and resolves gum disease at various stages. The dentist will carry out procedures to build up the gums underlying jaw bone and restore missing teeth.
  6. The procedure addresses oral issues contributing to a lack of self-esteem and confidence. After the reconstruction, your teeth will look beautiful, restoring your confidence and self-esteem.
  7. Full mouth reconstruction resolves dental issues that cause discomfort and pain. Minor problems are treated before they become severe and lead to tooth loss or systemic health problems.

We are all unique with different dental needs. That is why the team at Dentistry by Sea Bridge takes time to understand your dental needs. Then, they design a customized full mouth reconstruction plan to address each condition properly. Therefore, contact us, and we will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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